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Patch 0.072 – Faction Vendors

I’d like to thank everyone who reported bugs and made suggestions since the last content update. Your feedback is making a real difference. Many fixes and adjustments have been made to Stellar Tactics in the past month since the release of the last major content patch. A cumulative list can be found below and pinned […]


Content Patch – 0.051 – Abandoned Facility (KZ-MR7)

Unlimited procedural missions, equipment stash, streamlined game start, mercenaries, new enemies, tons of gear to loot, updated space stations, new character portraits, turn order bar, grenades and med-kits moved out of the secondary weapon slot and much more…this is a big patch! I’d like to thank everyone one of you for supporting the development of […]


February Update!

Welcome to the Stellar Tactics February Update! A lot of progress has been made over the last few months. You may have seen the core engine upgrade and a lot of recent patches for stability based on that upgrade, enhancements and quality of life improvements. All of that is documented in the other update I […]


Engine Upgrade!

This build is only available on the “Publictest” depot for now – see instructions below to opt in. I have good news and bad news! The bad news first! There is no good way to say this, so I’m just going to say it. Better now than later. THE ENGINE UPGRADE WILL WIPE YOUR SAVE […]


Beyond Achmedius

I thought I would record a video that demonstrated how FTL travel works. I didn’t take time to edit out loading screens or anything else. Kind of just a straight run through travel, docking, combat etc. Hope you like it. I should say there is still no ETA on alpha. KZ-MR7 will come first and […]


What’s next? – KZ-MR7

Long though lost, KZ-MR7, a Halamis research facility, was re-discovered several hundred years ago when Martin Varis crash landed on Achmedius VIII. Rumors and reports describe the facility as an advanced energy research station built on planetary ley-lines. The facility, run by Professor Garrius Brons, developer of the FTL Drive, was funded through Halamis Corporation […]



“Not broken, that’s good…” Keira’s mind raced “Now, bandage, stim and medkit. I’ll be fine…fine!” Just a few hours ago her ship crash landed on an obscure rocky planet with an oxygen-argon atmosphere. It wasn’t her fault. Really! Strange how her warp drive failed just as she passed through the gravity well of this small, […]


DEVELOPERS LOG #4 – Perks and Status effects

The perk system in Stellar Tactics is different from most other games in number of ways. I’m going to describe the system in this Developers Log and explain how it works. Though this system is ready for the Early Access, there will likely be a number of passes to tweak the damage, defense and status effect […]


Early Access Date Announced

Stellar Tactics will be released to the world as a Early Access title on September 22nd at 10pm PST. I want to be completely honest here and say there are some rough spots, the game has about 8 hours of game play in the Prologue at this time and the open world exploration and space […]


Steam Early Access

Hello everyone! While I haven’t made any direct promises for an exact Early Access release date, I do want to say that I am rapidly approaching a build that I would be happy releasing. You may have noticed that I’ve been posting patch notes to the general forums for all to see. In addition, I […]