Stellar Tactics Early Access - Available now on Steam!

Get your Steam key now through Humble Bundle or the Steam Store below.

Since its release on Steam Early Access, there have been hundreds of content updates, fixes and community suggested additions and updates. And when you're finished with the story content, land on Achmedius VIII and take missions in an endless procedural facility - KZ-MR7. Long thought lost, KZ-MR7 has appeared once again. Zabin Morbain has an endless flow of missions that take you into this ever changing research facility where you can progress to level 30, gather loot and equip your team of mercenaries. Earn tokens that you can exchange for powerful faction armor.

Early Access is just the beginning! Alpha will open up the FTL Jump Points and give you access to 10,000 sectors filled with space exploration, commodities trading, space combat, more missions and continued progression. 

For those willing to support us in the development of Stellar Tactics, buy your Steam copy of the game through the Humble Widget below. Almost all of the purchase price will come to us and go to future development. In addition, Humble Bundle will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. You will get a Steam Key immediately. (Note: If you do not receive an e-mail link to your Steam key, check your spam folder or use the Humble resender here!)

Or purchase the game directly through Steam. The choice is yours. Either way, you get the same game and the same Stellar Tactics experience! No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong!



I get questions from time to time regarding financial contributions to the Stellar Tactics project. Any contribution can help and will be used to further develop the game, add new content, story and locations to the universe. Feel free to donate whatever you want, no matter how modest it may be. You can contribute to the project by using the link below. In order to purchase a copy of the game itself, you must use one of the store links above.