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Patch 0.129 – Radar, mod update and fixes

Hi everyone – here is the latest patch with a number of improvements and fixes. Hope you all enjoy the update. Added a new top down radar system for ground exploration. The radar system is designed to be expanded on and tied to your electronics skill. As you gain more skill in electronics, perks will […]


Progress update 3/16/18

Hi everyone. I thought I would post an update that covers what I’ve been up to for the last month since the ground combat patch. Check out the video above for details. -New top down radar system for ground exploration. The radar system is designed to be expanded on and tied to your electronics skill. […]


Patch 0.126 – Combat Update #1

Hi all – Lots of changes in this patch – see the video for highlights and details below: COMBAT CHANGES: ADDED: End turn options. When ending your turn you will have several new options to choose from. This options menu is only displayed if you have 2 or more AP left over when ending your […]


Patch 0.118 and what’s next!

Hi everyone! You can find the latest patch notes since the last patch announcement below. I’d also like to give you a little preview of some of the work I’ll be doing. This will be the last patch for a while unless there is a blocker or some other major problem that comes up so […]


Patch 0.113 – Load time improvements and bug fixes

Well, I’m back at it after the holidays. Hope you have all had a great start to your New Year. First – load times between levels have improved in all areas – about double what they were before on average. Areas like the trade station have improved but need more work. Load times are of […]


Space Combat Patch Released!

I’m happy to announce the release of the Space Combat patch. First, I just want to say – “I’m not finished with space combat!” That’s right. The goal here was to get all the base systems in. The turrets, effects, ships, ship and equipment vendors, stats and skills, loot and all the rest of the […]


Space Combat Patch coming Dec 22nd

The space combat patch will be coming to Stellar Tactics December 22.


Progress Update 12/1/17

This week I am finally feature, code and content complete for the Space Combat update. Now it’s just play testing, bug fixing and once everything is stable and bug free, I’ll get the update posted for everyone. This week I worked on the Incursion mission system. Incursion missions take place randomly when you are exploring […]


Progress Update 11/24/17

Hi everyone. Another weekly progress update. This week I spent a lot of time on Ship AI including enemy AI collisions, faction through the universe and cleaning up a few long standing bugs in space. Asteroids now have collision and enemy ships avoid stars, planets, space stations and asteroids. See the video below for a […]


Progress update 11/17/17

Lots of progress this week, primarily on the chaff system, directional shields and planetary effects. Chaff system – The chaff system is complete. You can purchase chaff from any ship equipment vendor. Your ship holds a total of 50 chaff modules which can be deployed in combat to confuse enemy missiles. Directional shields – This […]