Stellar Tactics - Latest News


Progress update 11/17/17

Lots of progress this week, primarily on the chaff system, directional shields and planetary effects. Chaff system – The chaff system is complete. You can purchase chaff from any ship equipment vendor. Your ship holds a total of 50 chaff modules which can be deployed in combat to confuse enemy missiles. Directional shields – This […]


Progress update – 11/10/17

Hi all! – This week was primarily focused on finalizing the ship storage management code, ship repair systems on stations and the space combat loot system. That wraps up most of the work. Here’s where I am right now: Done: –Turret systems for missiles, projectiles and mining, –Space combat fully functional – turret based combat […]


Progress update 11/3/17

This week was all about ship vendors. Still have a little work to do on swapping ships and a bit of cleanup work on the UI. See the video below for details. Please excuse my monotone – I need to catch up on some sleep – coffee and Red Bull’s aren’t doing it anymore… Ship […]


Progress Update 10/27/17 (and links to a few previous updates)

Hi everyone – nothing terribly exciting to report this week though lots of progress was made. The focus was primarily on ship equipment vendors, equipping ship equipment, the ship information UI and tying all equipment stats into the combat and ship systems. This was a ton of work and I’m glad it’s behind me. What […]


One year anniversary!

It’s been one year since Stellar Tactics first released on Steam Early Access and it’s been a great year for the game. With the help of the community I’ve crushed hundreds of bugs, implemented community suggested feedback and the game is very stable with over 100 hours of content with the addition of the Abandoned […]


Space combat system progress update

Space combat is moving along at a good pace. I thought I would share a quick video to show how the basic systems work. The combat system is turret based. All ships have a limited number of turret mount points and beam, projectile or missile turrets can be looted or purchased. Turrets come in light […]


Updated movement system – Patch 0.094

Another update – this time the game movement system has been completely revised. The old system was written a long time ago and I’ve never been happy with it. I’ve been tinkering with this new system for a while now and decided to release it.   The old system had quite a few problems: –The […]


First Aid and Hacking perks to level 60 – 0.091

Skill perks for First Aid and Hacking  have been added to the game. Included in this patch are a few fixes, updates to damage mitigation closely tied to the perk lines and proofread text for the logs. Hope you enjoy the patch. As always, if you find any issues, please post them on the bug […]


Dauntless Remastered update – 0.090

I’m happy to release the Dauntless Remastered update. The Dauntless has been revised significantly. The story remains the same. The entire start of the game uses new level art. The Captains Quarters has been merged into the Crew Deck. The distance you need to travel for various missions has been reduced. The last boss fight […]


Patches 0.074, 0.077 and 0.079

Here are the most recent patch notes as posted on Steam. Patch 0.079 This patch focuses on adding a grenade AOE indicator, updated line of sight visibility and a number of important fixes. Here are the notes: FIXED: Credit values of 1,000,000 and above did not display correctly in the vendor and inventory UI. FIXED: […]