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Beyond Achmedius

I thought I would record a video that demonstrated how FTL travel works. I didn’t take time to edit out loading screens or anything else. Kind of just a straight run through travel, docking, combat etc. Hope you like it.

I should say there is still no ETA on alpha. KZ-MR7 will come first and we are making good progress.

A few things I didn’t mention in the video.

  • The entire ST universe is available in FTL space – you can fly from one side to the other and star systems, ships, events and objects stream into view dynamically. Loading is only when transitioning from FTL space to systems and from systems to ground exploration areas (stations, bases, ruins, cave systems etc).
  • Different areas of space look different. Visual differences are based on the area of space, the type of star, nebula’s and a few other factors. I just happened to choose a system with a similar sun in the same area of space.
  • New space stations are being build. The stations are modular and should be much better than the stations currently in the game.
  • While exploring you will encounter events. They may be distress signals from aligned factions, stations and ground locations.
  • You will be able to mark trade routes on your map for future reference. Systems are classified by Industrial, Agricultural, Mining and Consumer goods. Pricing and commodity values will be based on availability and demand.
  • Disabling and boarding is a long term goal. It will go in, but not initially. There are over 40 ship types that need interiors modeled.
  • Missions can be granted while in space via communication from other ships, remotely as mentioned above via Distress Signals and when on stations – usually in Cantina’s and Bars. Most stations also have faction contacts that can send you on missions that award faction rewards and experience.
  • Most locations can be explored. However, some stations and locations may be locked. If you are denied docking you will know that a location is reserved for missions or other story content.
  • Scanning data can be sold. It has a value. So, while exploring, scan every planetary body in the systems. You get a bonus for complete system scans. You can turn in you scanned data to an agent on most stations.
  • Enemy ships that have targeted you will generate a warning. You can choose to outrun your enemies or confront them. If you are flying a slower ship (a trade vessel), it’s likely you will be intercepted. Make sure you are armed. The same goes for enemies. If you scan and then target them, they will take that as a hostile action and act accordingly.

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