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Dauntless Remastered update – 0.090

I’m happy to release the Dauntless Remastered update. The Dauntless has been revised significantly. The story remains the same.

  • The entire start of the game uses new level art.
  • The Captains Quarters has been merged into the Crew Deck.
  • The distance you need to travel for various missions has been reduced.
  • The last boss fight is a bit easier.
  • Mission objects in the game environment have been scaled up in size so they are easily seen and interacted with.
  • The Dauntless is brighter overall. If it’s still too dark for you, however, there is a new Gamma slider in the options menu that will allow you set the games brightness to your liking.
  • All dialog, mission text and log’s have been professionally proofread for errors.
  • Several of the longer conversations now have shorter dialog options available.
  • Better direction has been provided in the log for several of the missions.
  • Many screens have been increased in size so their font’s are more visible making reading easier on the eyes. I’ll be addressing the space UI’s when I work on space combat.

Overall the Dauntless is now in line with the rest of the game. These changes were all inspired by feedback from the community. I felt it was important to make the experience of the first hour or so as fun, intuitive and trouble free as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you have a save on the old Dauntless, that save game is no longer valid. If you are currently playing on the Dauntless, you must start a new game. Game’s saved on the old Dauntless will now appear on the load screen as “SAVE INVALID – OLD DAUNTLESS!” and you will not be able to load the save game. You can delete these saves. Saves after the Dauntless are unaffected.

I’m hoping you will all give the new Dauntless a try and post feedback on the forums. I’m eager to hear what you think. Lots of content, bug fixes and community suggested enhancements have been added since the game released on Early Access.

Here are the notes:
When starting a new game you now have three options to choose from.

Tutorials have all been re-written and proofread. There is now a separate tutorial window with text and video that can be accessed from the help screen [H]. The tutorial window will pop up at various locations as you progress through the Dauntless. Tutorial pop-ups can be disabled in the Options->General menu.

General updates and bug fixes:
ADDED – Added a gamma slider to the video options menu. You can now set the level of brightness to your personal preference
ADDED – Added a movement icon to the team portraits on the explore UI
UPDATED – Dialog, mission text, perks, tutorial text and hints-tips have all been professionally proofread
UPDATED – You can now start the game with SMG’s if you apply points in SMG as the starting skill for any team member
UPDATED – Increased the amount of default ammo that you start with on the Dauntless
UPDATED – Final battle on Dauntless made a little less difficult
UPDATED – Increased size of dialog UI so text is easier to read
UPDATED – Rollover info moved to a fixed position in the upper right corner so it does not obscure icons.
UPDATED – Rollover info scaled up so text is easier to read
UPDATED – Character info UI scaled up so text is easier to read. This includes all tabs for Inventory, Character Info, Log and Ship
UPDATED – Combat cursor body-part and chance to hit indicators have been made larger/more visible
UPDATED – All character materials adjusted to be brighter
UPDATED – Small objects like door locks and mission items have been made larger. They can be made brighter when you hold the CTRL key and by turning off subtle object highlights in the video options menu.
FIXED – Grenade projector issues resolved on several of the facility locations
FIXED – Rare lockup during fight with Dr. Rhamus on bridge
FIXED – Missile launcher explosion light fade
FIXED – Enemies with rocket launchers now correctly swap weapons if at close range
FIXED – Enemies with rocket launchers no longer try to fire a missile after swapping weapons to their sidearm
FIXED – Lockup related to enemies with rocket launchers swapping to SMG side-arms
FIXED – Major re-write of the combat initialization code
FIXED – Green keycard bug – should be gone – let me know if you see it again

As always, if bugs are found I’ll address them quickly. A huge thanks to all of you for your feedback and support!!


  • Shadowthumper
    Jul 9, 2017 @ 19:27 pm

    At the beginning of the game when asked to take elevator to next area, game freezes and becomes unresponsive


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