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Updated movement system – Patch 0.094

Another update – this time the game movement system has been completely revised. The old system was written a long time ago and I’ve never been happy with it. I’ve been tinkering with this new system for a while now and decided to release it.

The old system had quite a few problems:
–The team did not move as a squad and this caused problems when entering combat. Specifically you had to burn a lot of AP to get into position
–Squad facing was not available. You had to use additional AP to rotate them into position after arriving at your destination.
–In single movement mode you could not select another team member and move them while the last character was moving to a position.
–Single movement did not allow you to set a destination facing.

The new system:
–You can now move as a squad and arrive at your destination in formation.
–Team members no longer lag behind
–You can set the direction your squad will face when they reach their destination by dragging the mouse while the right mouse button is held down.
–In combat you can now set a facing when moving team members. When they arrive at their destination, they will rotate to face the selected direction set by the movement cursor.
–Team members can move independently when out of combat in single movement mode. You can select a destination for a team member and then select another team member and move them simultaneously.
–Single/Group mode can be toggled using the [SPACE BAR] when out of combat. In combat, the [SPACE BAR] ends the selected team members turn as it always has.
–Movement speed has been improved
–You can zoom out a bit further now

I think overall, this is a much better system and gives you flexibility, alleviating wasted AP when entering combat. I have future plans for additional quality of life improvements like box selection and formations.

A few additional bug fixes:
FIXED: A long standing bug where some armor would not display on your team members. Remove the armor and re-equip it to display the correct armor graphic.
FIXED: Phestus could end up in a state where he would not load his inventory when trading with him.
FIXED: Animation transitions into combat and from idle to attack.

I hope you will give the new system a try and post feedback on the forums. Thanks as always for supporting Stellar Tactics!


  • Michael
    Sep 5, 2017 @ 11:07 am

    I found this awesome gem by accident when looking through a list of crpg games similar to underrail on steam. For a long time I have wanted a game that have tactical rpg combat element of xcom combine that with space mechanic of EVE online and a freedom of mount and blade warband. I think I’ve found it this game has a lot of potential, if only I know coding and programming I would totally love to help make this game great, like I imagine it . Hope you keep updating this game and doesn’t give up, I’ll add it on my wishlist and would like to buy the game when it’s have at least 50 % of content ready to be played.


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